The Matt Flynn Experience

Strap in.

Last time he started a football game, he was the Offensive MVP of the National Championship winning LSU Tigers.  Just saying.


How not to have a polite conversation with Vikings fans

1.)  Print out or load on a mobile phone these pictures of Brett Favre’s (alleged) dick.

2.)  Show them to a Vikings fan, especially if you’re lucky enough to be at Lambeau Field on October 24.

3.)  Don’t be classy.  Bonus points for provoking a fight.


Give this man a roster spot immediately.


Packers players questioned in sexual assault case

6 of the 7 players have been cleared, and an unnamed 7th player is still under investigation.  Clay Matthews and Brad Jones were among the players cleared.  Of course, all of this raises the question, how will this affect Favre’s decision on whether to play in 2010?





Playoffs, baby.

For those who didn’t already know who to root for this week.

Root for:

Packers over Seahawks.

Panthers over Giants.

*If the first 2 happen, then the Packers clinch a wild card spot in the playoffs.

Redskins over Cowboys.

Enjoy the remainder of the season’s games and Favre’s annual cold-weather collapse.