and now…RAGEwatch

things you should be mad about:

Why would anyone even consider bringing Randy Moss to Green Bay?  Yes, it’s true…with the Packers starving for a second playmaker on offense besides Donald Driver, some delusional Packers fans have been calling for the Packers to make an attempt to trade a middle draft pick for the aging has-been wide receiver.

Let’s look briefly at all the reasons NOT to have Randy Moss on our team:

He is a pompous, stuck up, obnoxious crybaby who thinks that all he needs is a clone of himself at all of the positions to win football games.

I know the Raiders suck, but Moss can’t blame his recent troubles on his team alone.  He drops passes and doesn’t give 100% unless he thinks he’s being used enough (which will probably be never until the aforementioned cloning happens).

He mooned Packers fans in the 2005 playoffs and then told reporters that the $10,000 fine he received didn’t mean anything to such a highly paid athlete as himself.

And there was that whole driving-into-the-traffic-cop thing in 2002.

So if you want Randy Moss playing for the Packers, smack yourself in the cheek.  Yes, the other one too.


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