COACHwatch–Philbin promoted to offensive coordinator, Moss named assistant head coach

Green Bay Packers offensive line coach Joe Philbin was promoted to offensive coordinator earlier today to replace outgoing OC Jeff Jagodzinski, who accepted the head coaching job at Boston College.  Joe Philbin seems like an excellent choice because of his experience as the offensive line coach.  As you may know, the Packers used a new zone-blocking scheme throughout the season, and Joe Philbin will know the ins and outs of the system. 

Green Bay linebacker coach Winston Moss has also been promoted, and he will be Mike McCarthy’s “assistant head coach-defense.”  This move follows a recent trend in which NFL teams have been appointing these assistant head coaches who will be advisors and aides to the head coach.  Winston Moss will, as his new title suggests, continue to work with the young Packers defense.


New offensive coordinator Joe Philbin will replace Jeff Jagodzinksi.


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