FAVREwatch–Favre cancels G.B. country club membership

More Brett Favre retirement rumors are flying after it was discovered that the quarterback canceled his membership at Green Bay’s Oneida Golf and Riding Club.  Some say that this proves Favre is planning to pack up and head home to Mississippi.  Packers CEO Bob Harlan, however, says that this cancellation by Favre shouldn’t be considered a sign that he is retiring.  Harlan pointed out that Favre has rarely golfed in Green Bay recently because of the departure of his golf buddies and former teammates Doug Pederson and Ryan Longwell.  Packers players can also accompany GM Ted Thompson on a golf outing, because he has a corporate membership at the club.

Interpret this story however you want.  The only way we’ll find out for sure is when Favre tells us himself.  Stay tuned for updates as Favre’s retirement decision is made.


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