Next year’s schedule looks like a tough one…

The Packers will be facing a tough schedule next year, in which they will play the AFC’s top seeded San Diego Chargers and several other playoff-caliber teams such as the Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Philadelphia Eagles.

NFL schedules are set up so that each year, a team plays six games withing its division, 4 games in an inter-conference matchup between divisions (this year the NFC North teams played against the AFC East; next year the NFC North will play against the AFC West), 4 games within the conference but outside the division (this year the NFC North played against the NFC West; next year the NFC North will play the NFC East), and 2 other games within the conference based on the final standings of the year (since the Packers finished in 2nd place in the NFC North, they will play any other second place NFC teams not already in their schedule, which would be the second place teams from the NFC West and NFC South).


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