While we were gone…

  • The Colts beat the Bears in the Super Bowl.  Any true Packer fan should be happy about that. 
  • Future Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre decided to return to the Packers for (at least) one more year.
  • The Packers were remarkably inactive in free agency, signing only possible nickelback Frank Walker.  The team ended up losing HB Ahman Green to the Houstan Texans.  There have been no other significant moves as of now.
  • Rumors of a pending trade between the Packers and Raiders involving Oakland’s hated receiver Randy Moss and Green Bay’s heir apparent to Favre, Aaron Rodgers. These rumors, portrayed as solid facts throughout the sports media, turned out to have absolutely no basis in reality.
  • Koren Robinson is serving the remainder of his jail time under house arrest, and looks as though he may be back for the 2007 season.  However, Robinson could face more time behind bars for the drunk-driving incident that led to his suspension last year.  The judge has not yet ruled on Robinson’s penalty.
  • The Packers will have the 16th pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.  The Packers will most likely look to use their first-round pick on a high-caliber running back to replace Green, such as Cal’s Marshawn Lynch.  They may also look at a standout wide receiver to give Favre another target besides Driver.  Tune in on April 28-29 and watch.
  • The Packers official schedule has been released.  Check it out here.
  • Keep visiting PACKERwatch to stay in the know.

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