DRAFTwatch–NFL Draft; Round 1

1.)  Oakland Raiders:  QB JaMarcus Russel;  Big, strong guy with a powerful arm.   The Raiders’ pick of JaMarcus Russel shows that they were drafting for need.  They passed on Calvin Johnson, the consensus #1 player in the draft.

2.)  Detroit Lions:  WR Calvin Johnson;  a no-brainer, although some expected a defensive pick here.

3.)  Cleveland Browns:  OT Joe Thomas;  The Browns pass up Brady Quinn, and go for the safest pick available.

4.)  Tampa Bay Buccaneers;  DE Gaines Adams;  Speedy and versatile pass-rusher out of Clemson will make an immediate  impact for the Bucs.

5.)  Arizona Cardinals:  OT Levi Brown;  They would have liked Wisconsin’s Joe Thomas, but Brown is the 2nd guy available.

6.)  Washington Redskins:  S LaRon Landry;  This could make the Redskins’ secondary very intimidating.

7.)  Minnesota Vikings:  RB Adrian Peterson;  Anyone with half a brain would have picked Peterson here.

8.)  Atlanta Falcons:  DE Jamaal Anderson;  Best player available at that time.

9.)  Miami Dolphins:  WR Ted Ginn, Jr.; Could be a double threat, serving as both a speedy receiver and an explosive kick returner.

10.)  Houston Texans:  DT Amobi Okoye;  19-year old phenom is the second 1st round pick in a row that the Texans have used on their defensive line.

11.)  San Francisco 49ers:  LB Patrick Willis;  49ers are hoping that Willis will plug the inside and improve their weak run defense.

12.)  Buffalo Bills:  RB Marshawn Lynch;  After losing Willis McGahee in free agency to the Ravens, the Bills steal Lynch away from the Packers with the 12th pick.

13.)  St. Louis:  DE Adam Carriker;  Rams wanted a DE, so they took a DE, nothing shocking here.

14.)  TRADE:  Carolina traded the No. 14 selection and their sixth-round pick to the New York Jets. Carolina got the Jets’ first-round pick, 25th overall, their second-round pick, 59th overall and a fifth-round selection.

New York Jets:  CB Darrelle Revis;  The Radio City Music Hall erupted in cheers when the Jets took traded up and took Darrelle Revis, who is a shutdown corner in a division that needs shutdown corners because of Tom Brady.

15.)  Pittsburgh Steelers:  LB Lawrence Timmons;  The Steelers improve an already solid defense.

16.)  Green Bay Packers:  DT Justin Harrell;  No one would have expected this pick, and the crowd booed as the Packers took a risk with the injury-prone Justin Harrell.  The Packers passed up several players they saw as overrated.  For more on this pick, click here.

17.)  TRADE:  Broncos trade their No. 21 pick and their third and sixth round picks to the Jets for New York’s No. 17 pick.

Denver Broncos:  DE Jarvis Moss;  The Broncos obviously see something in this guy, trading 3 picks to move up a mere 4 spots. 

18.)  Cincinatti Bengals:  CB Leon Hall;  Hall, who has great hands and makes more interceptions than the average CB, will fit right into the Bengals opportunistic defense.

19.)  Tennesse Titans:  S Michael Griffin;  Talented safety, but many would have liked to see the Titans go for offensive players instead..  Most, however, will be content with this pick.

20.)  New York Giants:  CB Aaron Ross;  A talented but inexperienced corner who didn’t become a star player until his junior season.  He is an extremely versatile kick returner.

21.)  Jacksonville Jaguars:  S Reggie Nelson;  The Jaguars take the best safety still on the board.

TRADE:  The Cowboys trade the 22nd pick to the Browns for their second round pick (#36) and next year’s #1 pick.

Cleveland Browns:  QB Brady Quinn;  Quinn dropped way down, and the Cowboys didn’t have any needs that they couldn’t address later.  So a trade was expected here.  With the best tackle in the draft (Joe Thomas) blocking for him next year, Brady Quinn could have some big-time success.  The Browns debated between Thomas and Quinn with the #3 pick, and now they’ve got BOTH.  Everybody in Cleveland is happy right now, and so is Brady Quinn.

23.)  Kansas City Chiefs:  WR Dwayne Bowe;  The Chiefs perhaps should have addressed their miserable offensive line, but Bowe will do well with Eddie Kennison as his mentor.  He has questionable hands, but unquestionable work ethic and has improved his catching ability.

24.)  New England Patriots:  S Brandon Meriweather;  This is a versatile player who can play multiple defensive positions, but he has some character issues too.

25.)  Carolina Panthers:  LB Jon Beason;  the Panthers got a bit of a steal here, getting an excellent linebacker even after trading down.

26.)  TRADE:  Cowboys move back into first round, acquiring No. 26 pick from Eagles; they give up No. 36 (second round), No. 87 (third round) and No. 159 (fifth round)

Dallas Cowboys:  DE Anthony Spencer;  An unexpected trade with the Eagles set the Cowboys up to take this player from Purdue.  He could play OLB in the 3-4.

27.)  New Orleans Saints:  WR Robert Meachem;  Many expected the Packers to take Meachem back at pick #16, but Green Bay suprisingly went with Justin Harrell instead.  The Saints are happy that Meachem fell into their lap; their offense will be formidable now.

28.)  TRADE:  49ers move up to get No. 28 pick from the Pats; they give up No. 110 (fourth round) and a 2008 first-round pick.

San Francisco 49ers:  OT Joe Staley;  a top-notch tackle who will probably get to learn from current starter Kwame Harris before stepping into the starting role next year.

29.)  Baltimore Ravens:  G Ben Grubbs;  One of the weaknesses of the Ravens last year, if you can call it that, was their offensive line.  They’ve fixed that up here.

30.)  San Diego Chargers:  WR Craig Davis; this lesser-known speedster will open up the field for Antonio Gates.

31.)  Chicago Bears:  TE Greg Olsen; another player who the Packers passed up on and then slipped.  Olsen should be a great target for Rex Grossman to miss.

32.)  Indianapolis Colts:  WR Anthony Gonzales;  Maybe should have been taken later, but the Colts are confident that Peyton Manning can win as long as he has targets.

This post will be updated as the day goes on with the selections of all of the teams in the NFL Draft.  For a list of the Packers picks in Day 1, click here.


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