DRAFTwatch–Green Bay’s Day 2 Selections

Round 4:  OT Allen Barbre (that’s BAR-BRAY) out of Missouri Southern State.  This looks like a really good pick by Ted Thompson and the Packers.  This talented blocker from a small Division II school should be a solid starter within a year or two.  He’s very athletic and has exceptional pass blocking skills.  With this pick, few will find anything to criticize.

Allen Barbre



Round 5:  WR David Clowney out of Virginia Tech.  This blazing fast receiver is tremedously athletic.  He’s a sprinter on the VT track team.  He can make spectacular grabs on balls that aren’t exactly on target.  However, he’s a little small and has a lot of trouble against big defenders.  He’s no Javon Walker, but he plays with a lot of heart and could turn out to be a great pick.  Clowney is my favorite GB pick of the draft.

David Clowney

David Clowney’s highlight reel


Round 6:  LB Korey Hall out of Boise State.  Korey Hall has some similarities to last year’s outstanding first round pick A.J. Hawk.  Like Hawk, Hall agressively flies around the field and is often in the right place at the right time.  Hall is always moving toward the ball, and has a lot of quickness.  However, the comparisons end there.  Hall is extremely undersized for a linebacker, and he’ll have trouble bringing down some of the league’s bigger backs.  Plus, his small size will make him easily blocked by opposing O-lines.  Korey Hall is nothing too special, but he could compete with Brady Poppinga in the future.

Korey Hall

Sorry, no highlight reel available.

Round 6:  LB Desmond Bishop out of Cal.  This guy’s underrated.  He’s aggressive and hits hard.  He plays very well against the run.  His only problem, however, is a big one.  He’s pretty bad in pass protection.  That’s why he went so late in the draft.  With some good coaching, though, Bishop could turn out to be a really good inside linebacker.  Regardless of whether or not he can improve his pass coverage, he’ll still be a great backup in the NFL.

Desmnond Bishop

Video Highlights


Round 6:  Kicker Mason Crosby out of Colorado.  This is another great pick.  Mason Crosby is one of the best kickers to ever have played college football.  Crosby has a ton of power in his kicks, and is pretty accurate too.  He’s proven himself in clutch situations throughout his college career.  At times, he has had difficulty in poor weather, but who hasn’t?  This is one of the best picks Thompson’s made in his 3 years as GM.  Mark my words, Mason Crosby will have a serious impact.

Mason Crosby

Highlight Reel


Round 7:  DeShawn Wynn out of Florida.  Wynn is a big running back who can put defenders on their backs and is very fast for his size, but he doesn’t show much determination and doesn’t work very hard.  Unless he can make a serious attitude adjustment, we won’t be hearing much of him in the future.

DeShawn Wynn

Sorry, no highlight reel available


Round 7:  TE Clark Harris out of Rutgers.  The Packers finally addressed their tight end need by drafting Clark Harris with their last selection.  Harris is a good pass-catching tight end with decent speed.  He’s not a great blocker, but he does well enough to get by in the NFL.  He probably won’t be good enough to be a #1 tight end in the near future, so the Packers and the fans had better hope Bubba Franks can rebound after last year’s miserable season.

Clark Harris

For video highlights, click here.

In conclusion, the Packers probably appeased angry fans with some less risky and smarter picks on Day 2.  Some of these guys could end up being good.


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