The New Randy Moss: Keyshawn Johnson

Like Randy Moss, Keyshawn Johnson is a talented receiver that has seen better days and is on the down side of his career.  Also like Moss, Keyshawn Johnson is not the most humble guy, is very outspoken, and has the potential to hurt teams with his selfishness (though he’s not as bad as Moss or Terrel Owens in these things).  Another similarity between Moss and Johnson?  The Green Bay Packers have expressed interest in him.

That’s right.   Green Bay is among six teams that has expressed serious interest in signing the receiver, who was recently cut by the Panthers after they drafted USC’s standout WR, Dwayne Jarret (the other teams looking at signing Johnson are the New York Jets, the New York Giants, the Seattle Seahawks, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Tennessee Titans).  Johnson, who was the No. 3 guy in a talented Carolina receiving corps, will reportedly expect $1-2 million a year.  This is a hefty price tag for an older receiver who was just cut by another team.  Besides, the Packers already have a veteran receiver, Donald Driver, and a promising group of young receivers that includes Greg Jennings and the newly drafted David Clowney.  If the Pack does decide to sign Johnson, it shouldn’t be for any more than 2 years, so that Johnson could give a temporary boost to the Packers passing attack while the younger players mature.  This doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the whole Randy Moss thing did, but the Packers should still be cautious while evaluating whether Keyshawn Johnson will be a good fit for the team.


One response to “The New Randy Moss: Keyshawn Johnson

  1. I first saw this about 10 mins. ago on Fox Sports. I remember thinking that GB will probably show intrest in Johnson when I heard Carolina had released him. I’m just wondering if they will pursue him a little more aggresively than they with Moss. No doubt Johnson would be a fine addition to a reciever corps that is still relativley young. You just have to wonder about what kind of attitude he would bring to the clubhouse. But the way I see it, Johnson can do more good than bad in GB, and I’m sure Favre would love to have a good possesion reciever like Johnson to compliment Driver and company. The good should outweigh the bad when deciding about wheather or not to get Keyshawn.

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