FAVREwatch: This just might get ugly.

Favre has already expressed his discontent over how the Packers front offuce is running things this offseason, and rumor had it that he had requested a trade  but Favre denied this.  The Packers/Favre dilemma isn’t over yet, however, as things could get icy over Brett Favre’s refusal to attend the mandatory team minicamp.  Recovering from an ankle surgery, Favre has said publicly that he will not attend.  However, team spokesperson Jeff Blumb said that, according to McCarthy, “the camp is mandatory.”  The Packers have yet to formally permit Favre to stay.

 To be fair, the injured Favre would have to sit out the entire camp, so it does seem pointless to require him to attend.  In addition, Favre is preparing for his daughter’s graduation in two weeks.  Favre said, “To be honest, we have (daughter) Brittany graduating in two weeks. Instead of going up there and not doing anything, I will be better off being at home because of graduation parties and banquets.”

I say, let him stay home.  He’s not going to be doing anything worthwhile at the camp, and there’s no use in further upsetting the team’s best hope at success.


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