Barnett arrested at nightclub, but co-owner says events have been “blown out of proportion.”

Early in the morning on Sunday, June 17th, Nick Barnett was arrested for misdemeanor battery after an altercation at the Wet Nightclub in Appleton, Wisconsin. According to witnesses, Barnett shoved a woman inside of the nightclub and was later seen in a heated argument with another patron of the nightclub. Some witnesses said that the owner of the nightclub was assaulted, but she steadfastly denied this.  In fact, she would later come to Barnett’s defense.  After Barnett was released from jail after he posted a $500 bond, The bar’s owner later said that the whole incident had been “blown out of proportion” and that Barnett had been provoked by female fans who were anxiously seeking autographs. According to the bar owner and several bartenders, Barnett and other Packers players were at the bar when these fans entered, interrupting the players and hoping for autographs. When many of the players, including Barnett, declined to sign the autographs, one of the fans threw a drink at Nick Barnett’s face. It was then that Barnett shoved the woman away and she fell to the ground.

Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy had expressed concern that Nick Barnett may have been suspended for at least some of the upcoming season, especially in light of Commissioner Roger Goodell’s tough stance on poor conduct off the field. After hearing the new account of the events that landed Barnett in jail, McCarthy said, “…There’s two sides to every story. I’ve listened to his side and we’ll let the process take its course.”

Of course, the police have not finalized their reports yet, and not all of the stories have been told yet, so it may be a while before we find out exactly what happened inside of the Wet Nightclub.


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