More Bad News Out of Training Camp

Vernand Morency, who suffered a knee injury in the opening day of training camp originally thought to be minor, is now expected to miss at least two more weeks, according to head coach Mike McCarthy.  McCarthy said that the injury was “a little more serious than we thought.”  Morency will therefore most likely miss the opening preseason game against Pittsburgh.  The silver lining in this?  Noah Herron has been surprising coaches and could possibly end up fighting for the starting job.

Another bit of bad news, Brett Favre’s family has suffered another tragedy.  Brett Favre and his wife Deanna were informed on Saturday that Deanna’s stepfather, Rocky Byrd, had died of a heart attack.  Byrd was 56.  Apparently, Favre was very close to Byrd, and Byrd was one of the inner circle in the Favre family that persuaded Favre to play another year.  Donald Driver, a close friend of Favre, said that he talked with Brett about Rocky Byrd’s death.  “I will just be there for him for support, that’s all I can do,” said Driver.  Favre, who had also been nursing shoulder soreness but was still participating in camp, will be out for an unspecified amount of time.


3 responses to “More Bad News Out of Training Camp

  1. Man, I really hope the Packers have a good year. I want Brett Favre to leave the game on a good note.

  2. The Pack did nothing during the off season to improve this team. In fact, with the loss of Green they way be worse. They are paper thin at running back. What a waste of Brett Favre’s last year.
    The Sultan on Sports

  3. Sorry. That should be…

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