Movie About Life of Vince Lombardi in the Works

Andell Entertainment, a Hollywood Production Company that is currently working on a movie about the life of Vince Lombardi, supposedly based largely on the biography When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi and Jerry Kramer’s book Instant Replay.  The NFL and the Green Bay Packers are said to be having conversations with Andell Entertainment about the project.  The movie will apparently focus on the weeks leading up to the Ice Bowl.  Financing for the motion picture has not yet been finalized.

Andell Entertainment has mainly produced small, low-budget projects, but is moving on to bigger and better things, and is currently working with such big name stars as Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage, and Robert Redford on other projects.  Hopefully, this up-and-coming studio gives Packer fans and NFL fans an accurate and entertaining portrayal of Vince Lombardi.


4 responses to “Movie About Life of Vince Lombardi in the Works

  1. Call me a heretic if you must.

    Lombardi sounds like a money loser to me. Expensive production and no obvious audience. Men do not go to the movies unless their wives drag them there. I don’t see women lining up for a Vince Lombardi movie unless they are giving out costume jewelry or tupperware at the theater. Teenagers are the movie audience and they don’t know or care who Vince Lombardi is. I’ll be surprised if they find finanacing.

    I am sure it will do well in Green Bay if that takes the sting out of it.

  2. did you even READ the BOOK???…

    Everyone knows who the damn TROPHY is named for…except you obviously!

    You’re an idoit..

  3. Robert F. Kaminski

    I have a story to tell about the ” Ice Bowl”. It’s about how 400 young men came to a small community in the Midwest to raise funds to “Help Fight Cancer” and raise funds for “Vince
    Lombardi Medical School Scholarships”. There
    is alot to tell and parts of this story will bring tears to your eyes. I call it “Lombardi’s Last at Lambeau” ” He Coached His Last Game at Lambeau and Won,He Valiantly Fought For His Life and Lost”. This could be part of the Lombardi Movie or a special movie made for TV
    for a 2 part series to be shown on Christmas Day Night when the family is together. If interested contact Bob Kaminski at This all happened because of Coach Lombardi and The Ice Bowl Game. This event took place for eighteen years.

  4. I saw a movie when I was in High School, about 1974. I had never heard of Mr. Lombardi, but after watching the movie I knew that it would be something that I would never forget.
    The actor that played Mr. V, was Ernest Borgnine. I have sence forgoten the name of the movie. There are some women out there that do like football and other sports.

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