Packers Punish Seahawks


Packers QB Brett Favre was frustrated last week after Green Bay’s 1st team offense failed to do much of anything against a tough Steelers defense.  That was not the case this week.  Favre and rookie James Jones connected twice for touchdowns, and Jones did his first Lambeau Leap.  Rookie back Brandon Jackson also scored.

 But the real star of Saturday night’s game was the Packers defense.  With two defensive touchdowns, the 1st team and the backups all thrived against an injury-weakened Seahawks offense.  At the strong safety position, where Marquand Manuel, Atari Bigby, and Marviel Underwood were competing for the starting job (Underwood has since been released), it was Bigby who shined.  Twice he sacked Seattle QB Seneca Wallace, the second time forcing a fumble which was returned for a touchdown.  Atari Bigby played respectably in coverage as well.  He didn’t make any big plays in coverage, but he didn’t give up any either.  Unless Marquand Manuel can step up, Bigby looks like he’ll be the starter for the Pack at Strong Safety.  The other major position battle occurring is that for the nickel corner position.  Patrick Dendy, Jarret Bush, and lone free-agent acquisition Frank Walker are in an intense competition to win the spot.  The Green Bay coaches have been continually changing the depth chart at this position.  As of now, Jarret Bush has taken over.

All in all, the Packers’ trouncing of the Seahawks is a definite improvement over last week’s narrow victory over the Steelers.  However, the Seahawks were without Matt Hasselbeck and two starting tackles in the 1st team offense, and this was not the same Seattle team that defeated the Chargers last weekend.  The Packers will face a sterner test against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday night on national television (FOX, 8 p.m. ET, 7 p.m. Central).


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