Packers-Redskins Preview

Keys to Victory:

1.) Keep control of the football. Green Bay’s 5 turnovers killed the Packers chances against the Bears.

2.) Stay aggressive on offense throughout the game.  Conservative playcalling never seems to keep teams ahead, just like the prevent defense never seems to prevent game-winning drives.

3.)  Keep the Washington offense one-dimensional.  If Green Bay can shut down the Redskins running game early, they can focus their attention on keeping Washington’s high-octane passing attack.  This will put increased pressure on the Redskins’ talented but young QB Jason Campbell, and turnovers should follow.


Run Offense:  Clinton Portis is a seasoned veteran, and Ladell Betts is a promising young back.  The Packers meanwhile, are 31st in the league in rushing.  ADVANTAGE REDSKINS.

Pass Offense:  Jason Campbell is a rising star, but he’s just not Brett Favre.  ADVANTAGE PACKERS.

Run Defense:  Both teams have very good run defenses, but the Packers shut down Ladainian Tomlinson.  Who knows if the Redskins could have done that, but they haven’t proven themselves yet.  ADVANTAGE PACKERS.

Pass Defense:  Statistically, the Redskins have quite an advantage over Green Bay here.  The Redskins also had the advantage of playing Miami, which skews the stats a bit.  Green Bay has a beat up and aging secondary, but they still have two of the top corners in the league in Al Harris and Charles Woodson.  ADVANTAGE EVEN.

Special Teams:  The Packers have an explosive returner in Tramon Williams, an excellent coverage team that contained Devin Hester, a punter who can place the ball well, and a rookie kicker who can boot field goals from 50+ yards.  The Redskins don’t.  ADVANTAGE PACKERS.

Key Players–The following players have the greatest opportunity to help their team this week.

Green BayBrett Favre, Donald Driver, James Jones, Al Harris, Charles Woodson

Washington:  Jason Campbell, Antwaan Randle El, Clinton Portis, Chris Cooley, London Fletcher 


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