Last-minute Trades that Could Help the Pack

Vikings RB Mewelde Moore for 5th or 6th round draft pick and Deshawn Wynn, Brandon Jackson, or Vernand Morency:  For whatever reason, Vikings head coach Brad Childress just isn’t that big of a fan of Mewelde Moore, and now that the Vikings Adrian Peterson has exploded, Minnesota has little use for Moore.  The Packers, on the other hand, should try anything to get their running game going.  Trading away a late draft pick and then giving the Vikings a decent backup to Peterson would work out well for both sides.

Lions RB Tatum Bell for 2nd day draft pick and backup LT Orrin Thompson:  The Lions running back has been increasingly vocal about his displeasure with his declining role.  Detroit’s pass first offense leaves little room for Bell to play much, especially with Kevin Jones splitting carries with him.  And with a rib injury affecting Lions left tackle Jeff Backus, the Lions could use another backup left tackle (arguably the most important player in pass protection, and thus a key position in the Lions’ offense) in case Backus aggravates his injury further and can’t play.  Tatum Bell is another potential fix to the Packers running game, and the Packers can definitely afford to give up a backup tackle.

Chargers RB Michael Turner for whatever San Diego wants:  The Chargers have repeatedly denied that they will even consider trading away Michael Turner.  However, with Turner an unrestricted free agent next season who will undoubtedly garner big bucks from interested teams, the Chargers will likely refuse to get into a bidding war to keep him because they have the league’s best rusher in Ladainian Tomlinson.  So, if the Chargers change their mind and decide to deal Turner while they can still get some value out of him, which would seem like a smart thing to do, the Packers should give San Diego whatever they want.  Turner has averaged around 6 yards a carry in his young career as a backup, and he has incredible burst and speed.  Turner is the closest thing to a sure-fire back that the Packers could get from a trade.  Michael “The Burner” Turner could save Green Bay’s running game and keep the Pack on course to make a deep playoff run.

 The NFL Trade Deadline is tomorrow, Tuesday, October 16 at 4:00 p.m. ET.


2 responses to “Last-minute Trades that Could Help the Pack

  1. The Lions and Vikings are unlikely to help GB. Michael Turner for Wynn and a 1st round pick sounds fair, and would make GB a much better team. Wynn can’t make it through a game, without coming off the field injured. Trade him before it’s too late.
    The Sultan on Sports

  2. oh yeah! Go Pack Go, Go Brett Favre!!!!

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