Packers Hope to Continue Dream Season in Playoffs

With a win over Detroit in the final week of the season, Green Bay regained some needed momentum after their crushing loss to the Bears at Soldier Field.  With a first round bye, the Packers will be able to give some of their banged up players some much needed rest.  The Pack will play the NFC’s highest seeded winning team from wild card weekend.  Therefore, if the Redskins beat the Seahawks, the Packers will play the winner of the Giants/Bucs game because the Redskins, the lowest seed in the NFC, would play Dallas.  If the Seahawks, the highest seed playing in the wild card round, win, then they will face Green Bay the following week and Dallas will play the winner of the Giants/Bucs game.  As for me, I’ll be rooting for a Redskins win because I’d rather play the Giants or the Bucs than the Seahawks.  I’ll update everyone with the Packers’ actual opponent as soon as tonight’s games conclude.

 P.S.  Sorry for the huge delay in postings…family health problems have kept me away from home and busy.


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