FAVREwatch: Packers.com mistakenly reports that Favre will retire


There was a brief scare on Thursday when packers.com released a story about Favre’s retirement on their website.  This turned out to be untrue, and has been attributed to the people running the site, who have an article for each possible outcome of the latest chapter of the Favre retirement saga, one for if he returns, and one for if he retires.  They accidentally posted the “retirement” article on their website.  Upon observation of the article, it is obvious that this was indeed a “dummy” article, as there was a large portion left blank headlined by the word “text,” indicating where specific details would be inserted in the case of an actual Favre retirement.

 Still, this is a little disconcerting.  If everyone in the Packers organization is so confident that Favre will be back, why is a dummy article even necessary?  And Favre has taken longer this year to make his decision then he did last year.  With free agency starting and the draft approaching, Favre should know that if he’s returning he needs to make his decision almost immediately, because a Favre departure could drastically change Green Bay’s strategy in both free agency and the draft.  I don’t think Favre is as sure about returning as everyone seems to think he is.  But let’s hope I’m wrong.


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