The Legend Walks Away

The man, the myth, the legend, Brett Favre, is walking away from the game he loves after 15 years as a starter in Green Bay.  This is truly the end of an era in Green Bay.   The Favre Era is over.  It was at times magnificent (Super Bowl XXXI), at times disappointing (Giants-Packers Championship), at times heart-breaking (Irv Favre’s death), at times joyously uplifting (Favre’s subsequent MNF performance against the Raiders), and most of the time, just plain fun.  Becuase that’s why Favre played the game:  it was fun.  From playful trash talk with opposing players to the spontaneous overflow of emotion Favre exhibited after his first Super Bowl touchdown, it has always been about a love of the game for Favre.  And Packers fans loved watching him.

 Brett Favre will always be remembered, immortalized in the Hall of Fame and in the hearts and memories of those lucky enough to watch him play.  We’ll miss you Brett.


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