3 Bold Draft Strategies the Packers Could Utilize

With less than a week until the NFL Draft, most are expecting Ted Thompson to play it safe.  So am I, but let’s just imagine that Thompson decides to mix things up a little bit, what might he do?  Here’s some ideas(in order from most likely to least likely):

1.)  Trade Green Bay’s first round pick for another second round pick and some later picks (this would give Green Bay 3 picks in the second round).  Then, try to get corners Reggie Smith and Brandon Flowers, both of whom would fit well into the physical bump-and-run coverage schemes the Packers love.

2.)  Draft a quarterback with the first pick.  There’s virtually no chance Matt Ryan will be on the board when Green Bay selects.  There is, however, a pretty good chance that Louisville’s Brian Brohm will be availabe late in the first round.  With Rodgers slated to start, would Thompson really be willing to risk his first-round pick on what might end up being a backup for his whole Green Bay career?  We’ll see.

3.)  Trade up…Way up.  The Packers could use some help at offensive tackle.  What if the Packers decided to trade all the way up to the No. 1 pick to take the best offensive lineman in the draft, OT Jake Long (It is common knowledge that Miami has so many needs that they would love to trade down for more picks).  Green Bay has a surplus of picks this year, including 2 second round selections.  If the price is right, would Ted Thompson and the Green Bay front office pull the trigger on what would most likely be the biggest trade of the draft?

I can probably give you the answer to whether or not any of these scenarios will happen:  No, no, and definitely no.  Still, it’s fun to speculate.  In any case, PACKERwatch will be bringing you up-to-the minute news and analysis of the NFL Draft next weekend, so remember to check back on Saturday!


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