BREAKING: Packers to Allow Open Competition for Starting QB Job

After weeks of gridlock, the Packers have apparently decided to keep Favre on board with the Packers in a serious role.  You’ve got to feel for Aaron Rodgers, but this might have been the best option for the Packers at this point.  (This begs the question, why didn’t they do this earlier?)  We’ll have to wait and see if the Packers make a good faith effort to keep the competition open.

I’ve seen both sides of this story from the start:  It has to be extremely difficult to accept a Favre return when you’ve already made preparations and strategic moves based on his retirement.  How long can the Packers have to wait and see what Favre does?  Favre isn’t the only player on the team.

On the other hand, Favre clearly gives Green Bay the best chance to win now.  And it’s understandable that Favre changed his mind as football season got closer.  Both sides handled this poorly, and hopefully we can move on.

The Packers took the first step toward reconciliation by releasing this statement, which acknowledges the difficulty of the past few weeks while emphasizing that the team will move forward with Favre on the team:

“Sixteen years after Brett Favre came to the Packers, he is returning for a seventeenth season. He has had a great career with our organization and although we built this year around the assumption that Brett meant what he said about retiring, Brett is coming back. We will welcome him back and turn this situation to our advantage. 

Frankly, Brett’s change of mind put us in a very difficult spot. We now will revise many actions and assumptions about our long-term future, all predicated on Brett’s decision last March to retire. As a result of his decision, we invested considerably in a new and different future without Brett and we were obviously moving in that direction. That’s why this wasn’t easy. Having crossed the Rubicon once when Brett decided to retire, it’s very difficult to reorient our plans and cross it again in the opposite direction – but we’ll put this to our advantage. 

Brett will be in camp tomorrow. Although there has been uncertainty regarding Brett’s return, Ted Thompson and Coach McCarthy had previously discussed this and have had a plan in place. Coach McCarthy will talk to the team and the quarterbacks about the plan moving forward, and after he has done that we will share it publicly. 

No matter what, I look forward to another successful season for the Packers and our fans. This has been a tough situation, but the Packers will make the most of it.”


3 responses to “BREAKING: Packers to Allow Open Competition for Starting QB Job

  1. i think mark murphy finally stepped up and made an executive decision which should have been done from the start. it seemed that ted thompson was running the show and i didnt like how he handled it. anyway, now the intrigue really begins…well see how things look in a week or two.

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