Favre Traded to Jets–for sure this time

It’s finally over.  For real.  Signed, sealed, delivered.  Brett Favre will be a New York Jet for the 2008 NFL season.

I won’t bore you with a recap of the entire Favre fiasco.  I’ll just give you the terms of the trade.  I’m sure you’ll be able to find plenty of others perfectly willing to rant against the Packers management/Brett Favre for being so stupid/selfish and how it will result in a disaster/blessing/surprise for the Packers/Jets/Thompson/Favre.

The Jets get Favre, and the Packers get a conditional draft pick.  At the very least (even if Favre plays 3 snaps the entire season and the Jets go 0-16), the Packers get a 4th round draft pick.  If Favre takes at least half of the snaps this season, it becomes a 3rd rounder.  If Favre takes 70% of the snaps and leads the Jets to the playoffs, the Pack gets a 2nd round pick.  If Favre somehow manages to take the sub-par Jets to the Super Bowl (while taking 80% of the snaps), the Packers get a nice shiny first round pick (obviously, it would be one of the last two picks of the first round).  If Favre takes the Jets to the Super Bowl and Aaron Rodgers leads the Packers to Tampa as well, then the universe will explode.

To prevent the Jets from trading Favre to Minnesota, Thompson insisted that the trade include a “poison pill” clause, where a trade to the Vikings would result in New York forfeiting 3 first-round draft picks to the Packers.  So, naturally, I’m hoping the Jets do that.

Regardless of how you think Ted Thompson handled the whole Favre situation, you’ve got to admit Ted did a pretty good job of negotiating a trade and keeping him out of the NFC and off of Green Bay’s schedule.


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