Packers at .500 halfway through the season

After a close loss to the Tennessee Titans, the Packers are now 4-4 at the halfway point of the season.  The Tennessee loss was infuriating to watch–an exhausting game between two shutdown defenses where neither team was quite able to take advantage of opportunities to pull away.  It also goes to show how stupid the NFL’s overtime rules are.  If that coin had hit the ground at a slightly different angle, if the referee’s arm had been held a little higher or an inch lower, if the air had been slightly denser or thinner, the coin might have landed differently.  It really is a dumb thing to decide the game on.

Looking ahead, the Packers have some hugely important divisional games the next two weeks:  a Week 10 matchup against the Vikings, and a November 16 game against the hated Bears.  These two games will determine the NFC North’s pecking order.  Two wins for Green Bay will put the Packers on top of the division.  Two losses leaves us in bad shape.  A win, preferably against Chicago, keeps us in the hunt.

We saw last week how good our defense can be when healthy.  A little more luck, and a little more consistency will put Green Bay on the road to the playoffs.

On a side note, remember to go vote tomorrow if you haven’t already.


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