Packers’ season on life support: who to root for next week.

Green Bay’s playoff dreams are hanging by a thread, and the Packers no longer control their own destiny in the playoff race.  After a few brief rants, I will let you know who to root for next week if the Packers are to have a shot at the playoffs.  Mike Stock, the special teams coordinator, needs to be fired.  Not having a man to return the punt is unforgivable, as is the pitiful return coverage.  Derrick Frost should not be wearing a Packers uniform next week.  Aaron Rodgers is no Brett Favre in the final 2 minutes, at least not yet.  McCarthy should have gone for the TD on 4th and goal at the end of the game–and should have been letting Rodgers throw for the touchdown rather than trying to run into the middle of the stout Carolina D-line.  Ok, rant over.  Now, who to root for next week…I will give each game an importance rating of between 1 and 4 *’s.  (**** will be reserved for games that will eliminate Green Bay from the playoff race with the wrong results:)

Obviously, every game is a must-win for us for the rest of the year…so we must win against Houston.

Jaguars over Bears **

Lions over Vikings ***

Giants over Eagles **

Jets over 49ers *

Saints over Falcons *

Bucs over Panthers **

Ravens over Redskins *

Steelers over Cowboys **

Green Bay’s got Houston, Detroit, Jacksonville, and Chicago left on the schedule.  Not one of those teams has a winning record.  So while our season is on life support, it’s not dead yet.


2 responses to “Packers’ season on life support: who to root for next week.

  1. I can’t hang when a team no longer controls its own destiny; we should never have put ourselves in such a position. Doing things right the first time is always better than praying later on that some other team will stumble. It’s out of our control. Hate it.

  2. I still think it’s realistic to think the Packers can run the table from here on out. The schedule sets up nice for them. While it’s never fun to have to rely on others to win for you, they still can win the division.

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