Brett Favre gave Rodgers the cold shoulder? (w/ audio from interview)

Apparently, Brett Favre never once even spoke to Aaron Rodgers during the whole un-retirement fiasco.  In an interview on The Michael Irvin Show, Rodgers said that Favre has not spoken to him since the NFC Championship Game.  For over a year now, Favre has apparently ignored Rodgers’ phone calls and attempts to get in contact with the former Packers star.  Stay classy, Brett.


Click here for a transcript of the entire interview.

And here’s the audio from the interview.


3 responses to “Brett Favre gave Rodgers the cold shoulder? (w/ audio from interview)

  1. PW, you might like this one…packeraaron over at Cheesehead TV tried to make you out to look like an idiot…at least that’s what I thought. It turns out he was punking Packer Update, not Packer Watch, but when I wrote a response in the comments of his post, I got you two confused and I thought I was standing up for you.

    Well, by the time I realized my error, I had already stuck out my neck, and him and his cronies were more than happy to chop it off. So for some good blood and guts check it out:

    I went off on him because he had gone off on me back in November on a post where he called a post I wrote, ‘the stupidest thing ever written on a Packer blog.’ Now, though you would agree with him on that, because on my Packer blog I wrote: Packers Lose, But Obama Sucks, right before the election. Anyway, I don’t really care what he says about me, I got him back, then and there, but when I saw him doing it to you, too, I went off. Like I said, it turned out to not be you, but the principle remains the same, though I don’t know Packer Update at all.

    I think you will enjoy the free-for all. Great fun.

    And, like my political blog, it’s not personal, just ping-pong. You and I could sit next to each other at Lambeau and have a great time. I’m not telling you this to try to soften you up on my political blog, feel free to continue to fully express yourself; it’s all part what makes the internet and the web a fantastic place to play. I’m just clueing you in because I thought you would get a kick out of it. Heck, you’ll probably dis me along with packeraaron.


  2. Well, that was fun! 🙂

  3. haha. ok, here’s my thoughts:

    1.) thanks for trying to defend me even though it wasn’t me you were actually defending

    2.) i agree with aaron @ chtv that packerupdate’s addendum to their posts was ridiculous, much the same way i thought it was ridiculous when the AP tried to scare bloggers away from quoting them.

    3.) yes, i still think the “packers lose, but obama sucks” article was pointless, and, to be blunt, stupid. BUT…

    4.) it’s your own blog, you’re welcome to do whatever you want with it.

    5.) not gonna lie, some of those comments attacking yours were funny.

    6.) russia isn’t a socialist country, it’s a lawless, corrupt, gang-land oligarchy where all that matters is who knows who and who owes who favors. and putin never said obama was a socialist. he said not to put “all” of your faith in gov’t spending, and obama isn’t.

    7.) how did you start talking about socialism in the middle of a post about packer update?

    8.) and at the end of a post about packer update?

    9.) did you read chtv’s recent explanation behind his post about packerupdate?

    10.) yes, that was fun.

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