Bleacher Report makes me want to kick someone in the balls.

At first glance, Bleacher Report seems like a quasi-legitimate sports news website.  Some stories from Bleacher Report could easily be imagined on the front page of (UFC 100: Octagon Girls of the Past and Present) or in a Rick Reilly column (Lamar Odom: “O-done” with the Los Angeles Lakers?)

While reporters for ESPN and other players in mainstream sports media may be hacks, they’re professional hacks who have to at least ground their reporting in facts and reason, and their reporting generally has at least a shred of significance to the average viewer.  The same can’t be said of the esteemed contributors to Bleacher Report.  They’re just plain old hacks.  And they usually have no idea what the hell they’re talking about.

Case in point, this conspiracy theory from some clueless fan about Favre intentionally losing games for some dumb reason or another:

As for the Jets, they ultimately profited from Favre’s brief time there. Yet they were just a pawn in Favre’s game.   The enemy was the Packers. For their grief, they get just a third round pick out of Favre—not the second rounder or the potential three first round picks possible if the Jets had dealt him.

I’ve heard more coherent and logical theories from my toaster.

Aside from the just plain dumb, there’s the just plain pointless, evidenced by this Packers fan giving his entirely arbitrary predictions for the Madden ratings for Green Bay’s players, ratings which happen to have already been released.

You’re also sure to find an inordinately large amount of uninformed analysis.  Reading one of CheeseheadTV’s exceptional articles breaking down new defensive schemes or contract negotiations puts Bleacher Report to shame.

And for God’s sake, why does Bleacher Report show up in Google News?  If I wanted to hear 30 random assholes offering their fascinating opinions and speculation about Brett Favre, I’d turn on SportsCenter.


One response to “Bleacher Report makes me want to kick someone in the balls.

  1. awww…you’re not getting enough attention are you?

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