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The Matt Flynn Experience

Strap in.

Last time he started a football game, he was the Offensive MVP of the National Championship winning LSU Tigers.  Just saying.


2008 NFL Draft: Packers’ Day 2 Picks

If there’s one thing that has become obvious during Ted Thompson’s tenure as general manager of the Green Bay Packers, it’s that he doesn’t listen to pre-Draft hype at all.  When you’re watching the Packers draft, you can throw all your pre-draft rankings and Mel Kiper’s Big Board out the window.  Because Ted Thompson and the Green Bay front office is going to go out and scout the players for themselves.  They will leave no stone unturned in the search for unrecognized talent.  This year has been no different.  And while the Pack didn’t land many big-name players (with the exception of Brian Brohm) this year, there is plenty of talent to be found in the 2008 Green Bay draft class.  So without further ado, here’s Green Bay’s Day 2 picks.

Jermichael Finley, TE, Texas:  Aaron Rodgers (and/or Brian Brohm) is sure to have some firepower in the passing game to help the Packers stay explosive on offense post-Favre.  Ted Thompson is making sure of it.  Jermichael Finley is purely a pass-catching tight end.  Many have compared him to a tall possession receiver rather than a tight end.  He’s got a nice tall, athletic build.  He probably won’t start ahead of Donald Lee, but in passing situations expect to see a lot of Finley, both as a tight end and lined up as a receiver.

Jermichael Finley

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Jeremy Thompson, DE, Wake Forest:  A quick defensive end with a lot of upside, Thompson has been compared by some to current Packers end Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila.  He’s pretty agile, but needs to get quite a bit stronger, because he can’t fully utilize his speed until he can get around the corner without being manhandled.  Overall, this is a pretty solid pick, although there may have been some better players available, particularly at offensive tackle, at the time.  On an interesting side note, Thompson is the younger brother of Green Bay offensive tackle Orrin Thompson.

Jeremy Thompson

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Josh Sitton, OT, UCF:  The Packers finally addressed their need for some future starters at offensive tackle by drafting this big lineman out of Central Florida.  He’s a very strong, heavy lineman who plays best when he doesn’t have to move a lot.  Just let this guy run into the guy lined up against him, and he’ll win 90% of the time.  There’s some concerns that he didn’t play enough tough competition in college to be ready for the NFL.  This pick may have been a bit of a risk, but if he can learn quickly to improve his footwork he will make a name for himself in the NFL.

Josh Sitton

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Breno Giacomini, OT, Lousiville:  Huge offensive tackle (6’7″, 304 lbs.) with huge potential.  He’s a fierce player and gives 100% on every play, battling in the trenches with every bit of his hefty frame.  He’s a little bit of a liability in run blocking, but he’s an incredibly effective pass blocker, whose weaknesses in technique can be solved with good coaching and through Giacomini’s own outstanding work ethic.  This pick might be a steal.

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Matt Flynn, QB, LSU:  The seventh round is really hit-or-miss, and this pick of Matt Flynn is no different.  He showed flashes of greatness in his senior season, and managed games well enough to lead the Tigers to a national championship.  Yet overall, he had a statistically poor senior season.  He’s very instinctive, moving around well in the pocket and sensing the rush, but he’s also consistently inaccurate and waits too long to get rid of the ball.  In any case, Flynn is going to be a 3rd stringer at best this year for Green Bay, and for a 3rd string QB, Flynn’s not bad at all.

Matt Flynn

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 Brett Swain, WR, San Diego State:  I’ve actually seen Swain play in a couple of games for SD State, and I can tell you that he’s not a bad receiver.  He’s pretty speedy, and is also a potential punt returner.  Swain was brought in for a workout by the Packers, who immediately seemed to like him.  As I’ve said, the 7th round is hit-or-miss, and this is a perfect example.  Brett Swain, Green Bay’s last pick of the 2008 NFL Draft, could be the next Marques Colston, or he could be cut a week into training camp.

Brett Swain

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The best picks of the day are probably Jermichael Finley and Breno Giacomini, both of whom will probably see some playing time in their rookie seasons.  Keep an eye on Brett Swain as well.  See if he makes it through training camp.

The Packers have addressed all of their needs, but for the most part took a “best player available” approach to this year’s draft.  See the Brohm and Nelson picks in the 2nd round.

While the 4th and 5th rounds could have been handled better (if you’re going to trade up in the 4th round, why not trade up to pick #2 instead of pick #3 so that you can add Justin King at cornerback?), this was a pretty solid draft.  This isn’t a group of players who will step in and make an immediate impact, but that’s not what Green Bay needs anyway.  The Packers are in a position where they can let these rookies mature and replace players who get injured, traded, or lost to free agency in the future.  Check back 3 years from now, and you’ll see that most of these players are still playing well for the Pack.

Overall Draft Grade:  B