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Brett Favre to make up his mind by Friday unless, of course, he doesn’t.

By Friday, we will know.  Maybe.


Are bloggers’ anonymous sources better than traditional writers’ anonymous sources?

packergeeks says that Favre will be a Viking by the end of the week.

Yahoo! Sports tries out innovative new journalistic technique of just making stuff up.

A Yahoo! Sports headline screams:  “Packers’ Kampman appears unhappy with move to LB.”

So, why does Yahoo! Sports think Kampman is unhappy?  Allow them to explain:

“There’s always a learning curve,” said Kampman.”

I wonder what their headline would be if Kampman had actually made a quote indicating any unhappiness whatsoever.  “Kampman threatens to kill Ted Thompson?”

Remember that story that said Favre was having surgery? Yeah, about that…

In the latest edition of “Did Brett Favre sneeze today?,” there is a new conflicting report out saying that Favre wants to heal his arm without surgery.

From ESPN’s Ed Werder:  “Favre, however, remains focused on nonsurgical options, including cortisone injections and natural movements like light throwing and bicep curls that might cause the tendon to release naturally, the source told ESPN.  If the tendon releases and the pain subsides, Favre is virtually certain to play again.  If he has surgery and his arm strength diminishes or the pain remains, he will remain retired.”

So basically, Favre’s return is still inevitable.  Now there’s just two different anonymous sources telling us two different stories about HOW he will return.

Favre to have surgery on shoulder; in other words, Favre to become a Viking

Brett Favre will be having surgery on his right shoulder.  The most logical conclusion to reach from this is that Favre is intent on returning.  Circle your calendars:  Monday, October 5 and Sunday, November 1st.  It’s gonna be a circus.

Nick Collins is unhappy with his contract, unless you ask Nick Collins

Nick Collins’ Agent:  “For now, unless the team is willing to at least discuss the contract situation, we don’t see any need for Nick to participate on the field.”

Nick Collins:  “I don’t have a problem with my contract.”

So, who knows more about what Nick Collins wants, Nick Collins or his agent?  My money is on his agent.

You’re not tired of Brett Favre yet, are you?

This story isn’t done.  Apparently, “sources” are now saying that Favre sent X-rays to the Vikings, and if the Vikes think his shoulder injury won’t require surgery, they will sign him.

We’ll keep you updated when “sources” tell ESPN that Favre is most definitely staying retired.  And we’ll keep you updated when Favre inevitably signs with the Vikings.

Until next time,  good day.