About that Favre fellow…

Fuck him.


More reasonable and lucid ideas from Bleacher Report

One astute whippersnapper over at Bleacher Report has decided that everyone’s favorite dog electrocution specialist/worst-ever-Pro-Bowl-quarterback Michael Vick would make a great Packer.

Brett Favre won’t be unretiring until next season.

And somewhere, Peter King is weeping.

Jay Mariotti, Defender of Righteousness

Jay Mariotti wants you to know that it’s your fault some asshole illegally filmed Erin Andrews through her hotel room wall.

Let’s take a look at Mariotti’s latest exercise in melodrama:

“This is the decade when sports stopped being about sports.”

“…Am I blaming bloggers for helping create the daily sex-and-objectification culture that turned Andrews into an ongoing peep show on their Web sites?  Damn right I am. “

“And I wish they’d grow up — now, today, yesterday — before they continue to dumb-down what is left of sports journalism and plunge it into an inescapable sewage pit. “

“If this is the American Way, what happened to the truth and justice part? “

“I think I’ll take a good, long look at the peephole the next time I’m in a hotel room.” (Don’t flatter yourself, Jay.)

“[I] wonder what the hell happened to my profession.”

There’s not any new themes in this latest edition of Jay Mariotti’s Self-Righteous Anger Minute.  The internet is ruining journalism, bloggers are basement-dwelling perverts who need to get a life, sports were better before _____ happened, etc.

For the record, I don’t know anyone who condones the blatant invasion of Ms. Andrew’s privacy or thinks that it wasn’t morally reprehensible.  But to suggest that “the Internet’s” tongue-in-cheek infatuation with Erin Andrews led to the filming or release of this tape is dumb.

Brett Favre to make up his mind by Friday unless, of course, he doesn’t.

By Friday, we will know.  Maybe.

Of Rape and Cough Syrup

Donald’s Designated Driver analyzes the bizarre Texas law that declares possession of cough syrup without prescription to be just as bad as rape, and how it could affect Johnny Jolly.

Texas sure have a creative criminal justice system.

PackSmack declares comment warfare on CHTV.

It started in the early hours of this morning, and it shows no sign of stopping.






It started as a high-minded conversation about why Muslims and liberals are evil, but quickly devolved into insults about unfaithful wives.

More Evidence:


Picture 2

Picture 4