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Playoffs, baby.


Of Rape and Cough Syrup

Donald’s Designated Driver analyzes the bizarre Texas law that declares possession of cough syrup without prescription to be just as bad as rape, and how it could affect Johnny Jolly.

Texas sure have a creative criminal justice system.

It’s Draft Day!

The most wonderful time of the year non-football season is upon us:  the NFL Draft.

We’ll be here all day, folks.  Check in for the latest news whenever you need it.

Offseason Update: Colin Cole signs with Seahawks, Packers pursuing Cowboy free agent Chris Canty

The Seahawks have outbid the Packers to secure free agent DT Colin Cole.  Just what we needed, less depth on the defensive line.

The Packers are reportedly aggressively pursuing Chris Canty, a defensive end for the Cowboys who, like Cole, is being primarily pursued by the Packers and the Seahawks.  [NFL.com]

The Packers are in quite a predicament here.  Ted Thompson surely doesn’t want to overspend on a good-but-not-great player like Canty.  But at the same time, after losing Cole to the Seahawks, improving the defensive line is more important (and more difficult) than ever.

Brett Favre gave Rodgers the cold shoulder? (w/ audio from interview)

Apparently, Brett Favre never once even spoke to Aaron Rodgers during the whole un-retirement fiasco.  In an interview on The Michael Irvin Show, Rodgers said that Favre has not spoken to him since the NFC Championship Game.  For over a year now, Favre has apparently ignored Rodgers’ phone calls and attempts to get in contact with the former Packers star.  Stay classy, Brett.


Click here for a transcript of the entire interview.

And here’s the audio from the interview.

Offseason Update: Winston Moss and Mike Nolan are sure things.

1.)  Both Winston Moss and Mike Nolan are sure to replace Bob Sanders as the new Packers defensive coordinator.  Just ask Michael Lombardi from two days ago and Michael Lombardi from yesterday:

Michael Lombardi from two days ago:

Keeping Moss tells me the Packers may interview others, but they will end up hiring him.

Michael Lombardi from yesterday:

Mike Nolan is coming on board very soon. 

It’s always great to be sure that you’re right, no matter what.

2.)  Railbird Central has taken a look at some of the potential first round draft picks for Green Bay in April.

3.)  After contemplating offseason shoulder surgery, QB Aaron Rodgers has decided it is not necessary.

4.)  Green Bay’s 2009 opponents:

Home:  Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Baltimore, Cincinatti

Away:  Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota, Arizona, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Pittsburgh

The dates and times of the games will be determined at a later time.  The Packers should have a great shot at making it back to the playoffs with a schedule like this.  They’ll play the worst division in the NFC (the NFC West), the other 3rd place finishers from the NFC East and South, and the 2nd-worst division in the AFC against NFC teams (the AFC North).  (Source:  NFL.com)

Stay tuned for more offseason updates.

Season all but over: Who to root for in Week 15

Awful defense, awful coaching, awful I’ll spare you the analysis of the disastrous game against the Texans.  Just know that it was an all around bad game.  There is something seriously wrong in Green Bay.  I don’t know what has changed from last year to this year (I’m sorry, but saying it’s because Favre left is not a valid excuse), but something is missing on this team.  It will now take a small huge miracle for the Packers to make the playoffs.  

My “Who to Root For” list got a lot simpler this week, as the Packers were eliminated from the Wild Card race.  Green Bay’s only chance now is to somehow win the NFC North.  Let me clarify, not in any way do I believe the Packers are capable of running the table, let alone the Vikings losing out.  I’m just telling you what would need to happen for the Packers to get into the playoffs.  Matchups are ranked on a scale of * to **** (**** being reserved for games that are true, mathematical must-wins to remain in playoff contention.)

Packers over Jaguars ****

Cardinals over Vikings ****

Saints over Bears ***

The only glimmer of hope the Packers have left is that two of Minnesota’s remaining opponents are very solid teams that have already clinched their division, while the other opponent is a fiery Falcons team that is also a playoff contender.  The Packers on the other hand, face the Bears, the Jaguars, and the Lions.  So maybe, just maybe, the Packers will scratch their way into the playoffs.

But don’t count on it.